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College of life science,Hebei University

College of Life Sciences, Hebei University, the formerly Department of Biology, was founded in 1951. Professor Yin Xiang-chu, is the first recruited academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Hebei Province. Professor Song Da-xiang of our college, is the first elected Academician in Hebei Province. Dr Kang Le, an Academician member, recruited as a adjunct professor of the college in 2013, has been appointed as the president of Hebei University in 2016. The academic team are mainly composed of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, “National Thousand-Talents Program” professor, as well as well established PH.D student supervisor professors. Currently there are five fields of characteristic research in college of life science.

1.In field of zoology study, the research team are mainly composed of academician and young investigators. They have constructed new classification systems for Acridoidea, Araneae, and Blaps insect. They have compiled 16 volumes of “Chinese animal Chronicles”, 8 volumes of “Hebei animal Chronicles”, and 3 volumes of “Nouns of zoology”. They have also collected 1.7 millions insect samples.

2.In fields of gene functions and regulations, as well as identification of natural drug active molecules. Academician Kang Le’s research are mainly focus on insect ecological genomics. The innovation team, approved by the department of education, P.R. China, are mainly focusing on natural drug bioactive molecules. Studies of other faculty members are mainly focus on signal transduction of tumor and nerve disease, and mechanism of DNA repairment.

3.In aquatic biology study field, they are mainly focus on the aquatic organisms diversity in areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, especially in Baiyangdian Basin. They are also interested in ecological protection and resource utilization. The study of reproduction development, nutritional immunization, and health culture in aquatic animals has strong regional characteristics, and their studies are very competitive in this district of the country.

4.In microbiology research field, we have collected more than 50 thousandstrains of actinomycetes,myxobacteria, as well as other microorganisms, established novel classification methods and systems for phyla Actinobacteria and Firmicute, etc., and we developed CRISPR gene editing systems for13 kinds of microorganismsincludingStreptomyces avermitilis,Rhodosporidiumsp.. And our GSH high-yielding strain and fermentation technology break the foreign technology monopoly.

5.In the field of plant and microorganism interaction, they are mainly focus on symbiotic relationship between plants and fungi, ecological distribution of mycorrhizal fungi and dark septate endophyte (DSE), and interaction mechanism of plant and soil, under special environments, such as drought, salt and alkali, etc. Their researches on mycorrhizal fungi and DSE in desert plants are unique and distinctive in domestic research.

There are 4 undergraduate majors in the college. The college was authorized to enroll graduate students in major of biology, PH.D graduate students, and postdoctoral research fellows in major of zoology. Joint graduate schools was established between our college and Institutes of zoology and microorganisms of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and national Center for protein research of Academy of Military Sciences, for the purpose of cooperative training undergraduate and graduate students. The college has a national key (nurturing) discipline in zoology, a key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, a national popular science education base, 2 key disciplines at the provincial levels, and 5 provincial key laboratories (centers). Within the recent five years, 2 subprojects of major projects of the Ministry of science and technology, 43 funds of the National Natural Science Foundation, 73 basic research and condition platform of the State Ministry of science and technology and provincial and ministerial projects, were granted to the faculty members of the college. Two hundreds and thirty-six SCI papers, and eighty academic monographs and textbooks, were published by our college in recent 5 years.

Biology discipline of Hebei University is the first class construction discipline of Hebei Province, and the "one province, one school" key support subject of Ministry of education. This subject is based on the regional economic and social development and the demand for talents, adhere to the morality education, and vigorously promote mode of integration of scientific study and education. More than 7000 outstanding talents including “National Thousand-Talents Program” professor, " National outstanding young" scholar, and "the scholar of the Yangtze River" of Ministry of education , have been educated by the college. Well reputations has been gained in society for graduates in the college.

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